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The first portion [the scalp and the hair] indicates youth, the second portion [from the scalp]to the eyebrows] midlife,[ from eyebrows to the tip of the nose] matured age and below it, is the last leg of life.

The position of various planets, residing on different parts of the face, as per ancient vedic tests has been depicted here. Depending upon the formation of each part of the face, the quality of various planets in the horoscope of the person can be ascertained and vice versa.

Like the placement of the planets the zodiac signs also rule the different parts of the face.

The five most important features are :

  • Ears : Show life possibilities
  • Eyebrows : Indicative of fame
  • Eyes : Show intelligence and inner power
  • Nose : Suggests wealth and midlife accomplishments
  • Mouth : Shows character and disposition

There are generally four types of heads.

  • Thick Heads : It shows low intelligence, arrogance and taking pride in doing wrong acts.
  • Large Heads : It shows that the possessor likes to enhances body and muscle power rather than intellect
  • Square Heads : They are independent in thinking and actions and are hard to deal with.
  • Oval Heads : Oval headed people are noble in nature with strong will power and perseverance.


  • A narrow forehead is considered to an obstacle for fulfilling desires.
  • Exaggerated forehead indicates daydreaming.
  • An indented forehead is a bad omen for employment and business prospects.


  • Small, thin and flat ears denote poverty. Such people are narrow minded.
  • Sound, fleshy, thick but pointed at the top show eagerness to indulge in many pursuits.
  • Hair on the ears represents longevity in life.


  • Long and slander eyebrows indicate intelligence, hard work and tact.
  • Normal eyebrows with a wide gap in between show simplicity and honesty.
  • Small, thick and curving eyebrows are possessed by untrustworthy persons and liers.


  • In the Indian context, persons with blue centre of the eye have demon like temperament and tendencies.
  • Normal almond colored eyed persons are selfish, sensual but harmless.
  • Slanting or eyes with a slanting vision are possessed by cheats and thieves.
  • Very deep set eyes tend to indicate an envious nature with malice.
  • Big round eyes with black pupil are the best to possess.
  • Laughing lines across the eyes show longevity in life.


  • High and pointed nose – Full of energy with curious mind.
  • Large nose – Full of energy but more materialistic in nature.
  • Small nose – Reserved and shy natured.
  • Wide – Expressive but careless in relationships.
  • Short – Happy but secretive in nature.
  • Persons with large and round openings in the nose are highly sensual.

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