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Treatment by “Hast Mudra” (Hand gestures) Human body is totally field with unexplained secrets. The body has its own signs and language to treat itself of various diseases. The human body is found by:-

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Sky (Atman)

Whenever any of these five elements get disturbed, the body is afflicted with diseases. If we learn to adjust all these five factors in right proportions, the body will never get sick. Conversely a sick body can be cured once again by applying a method so that all these elements come into right proportions.

The hand gesture treatment method contains the various postures which when applied, cure the body because the secret lies in the fingers of the hand. All these five elements are present in the fingers as depicted. These hand gestures start acting immediately when formed. The hand used for the Mudra (Gesture) affects the opposite part of the body. Each mudra should be done for at least three minutes to be effective. You can choose the Mudra as per your requirement. while performing these Mudras one has to sit in a lotus posture (Padmasan) or in an easy position with your spine straight like a rod (Sukhasan). The fingers not being used in a particular mudra should always be kept straight. Though there are many mudras but the main mudras applicable in the present context are given below. While performing these mudras as far as possible one should avoid alcohols, tobacco, betel leaves. only light food should be taken.

Gyan Mudra (The gesture for acquiring knowledge)

  • Procedure : Touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger and keep the remaining fingers absolutely straight.
  • Benefits : It increases memory, intelligence and concentration in studies. Strengthens the nerve system, cures migraines, headache and insomnia. helps in over powering anger and developing spiritualism.

Vayu Mudra

  • Procedure : Bend your index finger so as to touch the root of your thumb. Press it lightly and keep all other fingers straight.
  • Benefits : It helps in curing gastritis, joint pains, cervical and Parkinson’s disease.

However, if desired results are not achieved, this mudra should be performed with Pran Mudra listed at number 10 below. This mudra should be done till the benefits are derived and no longer.

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