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Dr. Bhagwat Swaroop Gupta is a Graduate in Science, Post Graduate in Administration and a Doctor in Homeopathic medicines. It is a strange phenomena that from this realistic world he has transformed himself into a spiritual world. This is because of his intense interest in mystique sciences. As a Bank Manager he could not find enough time to undertake astrology as a full time vocation but indulged in it as a hobby. However, since 1993 he changed his path in life and moved towards spirituality and meditation.

As a follow up Dr. Gupta completed certificate courses in Astrology and Palmistry from All India Confederation of Astrological Science, Chennai, a premier Astrological Institute in India. He learned palmistry from a very noble soul, Sh. N.P. Theraja whom he holds in great esteem. Because of his continuation in the field of Astrology Dr. Gupta was awarded with the Citation of “Acharya” in Astrology and Palmistry by All India Federation of Astrological Societies, Registered. New Delhi, popularly known as Future Point.

After having taken voluntary retirement from the bank service Dr. Gupta has been working in the field of Astrology on full time basis. He has taught astrology, palmistry, face reading etc. to hundreds of students in national capital region of Delhi. At present he is teaching the subjects to M.A and M.Phil students of Mewar University. He is very popular in the area of his operation and has received invitations for lectures and making predictions in Astrology from abroad.

Dr. Gupta is of an absolute belief that an astrologer is nothing but a puppet in the hands of the almighty God and without His blessings and commands nothing can be predicted. HE does everything and the name and fame/ disgrace is passed on to the astrologer depending upon his honesty and truthfulness.

Though this website is owned by Dr. Gupta, the services of eminent astrologers, palmists, vastu, reiki and other occult science practitioners are always available. Their guidance/ advise is sought to give best results.

As a measure of charity Dr. Gupta is under oath to donate 25% of the fee charged from customers to charity. This is also an offer to anyone who comes to him for consultation that if he so desires he himself can donate 25% of the fee to charity and pay only 75% if that too, he is capable of paying. For those who are unable to pay, the services are provided for free.

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