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Reiki is the Japanese word for “spiritually guided energy”. It requires no medicine or equipment. It is the teacher who performs a simple initiation exercise which connects the initiate to the abundant source of cosmic energy thereby tuning him to the universe.

The Reiki practitioner’s hands thus acquire an amazing capability to treat not only himself but others also. Reiki is independent of meditation, concentration, breathing exercises etc. The magic lies in the hands. Once you are in tune you can draw the power from the universe any time anywhere – whether at midnight or even during a journey. It is handy not only during illness but is also a useful complement for welfare programs as a preventive tool. It helps stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki can heal not only humans but animals, plants, foods etc.

Lord Buddha, Christ and even Guru Nanak were supposed to be renowned and ancient Reiki practitioners who simply by the gesture of their hands could heal any ailment. This ancient magic was rediscovered by Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui. It should be borne in mind that Reiki is not used as a replacement for medicine but helps the body to react quicker against particular diseases and respond better to any treatment or therapy.

The Reiki practitioner can direct this powerful healing energy over a distance to people, animals wherever they are. This process is called distance healing. The main principle of Reiki healing is nothing but positive use of energy and everything in this universe is nothing but energy. The best part of Reiki is that it cannot be used for harming anybody.

The underlying principle of distance healing or reiki healing can be best understood by the philosophy behind prayers and giving good wishes. The prayers and these good wishes are mental energies, though weak, but when combined with reiki technique, become concentrated and focused. The positive energy level increases and is directed for achieving the welfare of the object it is directed towards. The sender of reiki also knows from his hands whether or not the reiki is being transmitted and also the intensity of transmission.

It will be out of place to conclude that reiki is a magic wand and can instantly cure any disease. Since reiki heals from the roots, it takes time to give the desired results. It is effort less and has an advantage of benefiting both the giver and the taker. Reiki can be used for realizing ambitions and creating a harmonious equilibrium between the self and the society. Reiki is an ancient art of healing and it will be a wise decision on the part of every human being to learn it, practice it with a positive bent of mind.

Distant Healing

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