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If you would like to have a more personal hearing with a specific focus concerning the most important aspects/ concerns/ questions in life we provide private telephone counseling.

Perhaps you have questions/ anxieties about your health, relationship, love affair, marriage, career, finances or unforeseen struggles/ happenings etc.

This service is so designed specially for those who feel distressed by the acts of either their own or from the near and dear ones. They may find themselves to be bothered by the current state of affairs in their lives or are in a dilemma. During this conversation you can pour your heart out and find solace. Sometimes you have no one to listen to. You feel lonely in a sea of people and you long for someone’s shoulder to cry upon/ shed some tears. You know, and must have experienced, that everyone wants to be with you in comforts, but when bad time strikes, there is no one by your side. You are deserted in a desert.

This is specifically the situation wherein by spiritual guidance/ astro remedies/ or by simply talking and sharing your thoughts, we try to take you out of the situation so that you are able to welcome a new dawn in your life with a jest.

This dial up counseling is with mutual consent, at a pre determined time, or even at short notice/ without notice depending upon the urgency and the availability of the counselor. During counseling you are free to ask as many questions as are important to you by choosing a 30-minute or a 60 minute slot.

Tele Counseling

  • 30 Minutes – $ 70
  • 60 Minutes – $ 100
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