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Great Epics of India- Mahabharata says – Sun, Moon, the Lords of the Eight directions namely Eeshan GOD-ishwan in North-East, Indra, Lord of Devas in the East, Agni-GOD of fire in South-East, Yamaha-God of Death in the South, Nissan or Niruti, GOD who protects us from our enemies in South-West, Varun-GOD of Rains in West, Vayu-GOD of winds in North-West, Khuber-Lord of Wealth in North, stand as witness all the times to whatever good or bad deeds people do in their day to day life.

  • Eeshan (God Supreme-Ishwan (Northeast): He grants us wisdom, knowledge and all comforts in life. He also relieves us from sufferings.
  • Indra (East): He gives wealth and pleasures of life.
  • Agni/fire (south-east): He bestows honor, a life full of energy and a beautiful/ handsome personality.
  • Yama or Yamaha (south): He is the God of death. He keeps the accounts of our good and bad deeds. He is the embodiment of “Dharma”. All good things happen in life and Yamaha eradicates evils.
  • Nissan or Niruti (South-west): He protests us from enemies and removes fear psychosis.
  • Varun (west): He is the God of Rain. He brings prosperity and pleasures in life by showering his blessings through rain.
  • Vayu (wind) (North-west): Vayu is the basis of all life elements. He bestows a long, healthy and wealthy life on us.
  • Khuber (north): Khuber is the God of Wealth. He gives us wealth and through it all comforts of life are derived.

Our great Seers, Rishis knew the importance of these directional Gods and devised the methods to salute them. We therefore chant and worship nature in the following stuti. (Rhyme)
Antarikshaye Santhi, Aakashaye Shanthi, Prithiviye Shanthi, Vayuve Shanthi, Agniye Shanthi, Varunaye Shanthi, Vanaspathaye Shantihi, Om Shantihi, Om Shantihi, Om Shantihi.

It is therefore imperative that we chant this Stuti as a first thing everyday to keep all directional Gods in a happy mood to derive the best benefits. Likewise according to Vastu Shastra all homes, factories, buildings are constructed and maintained according to Vastu principles.

In modern age, because of ignorance or lack of space etc. we may not be able to adhere to Vastu principles in totality. Remedial measures therefore should be initiated to correct these deficiencies.


  • Land or plot belonging to insolvents, diseased persons, lunatics, temples should never be purchased.
  • Residential buildings near temples, cinema halls, factories should be avoided because they are continues source of disturbance and pollution.
  • When visiting a site or house for purchase, it is always advisable to take into account the good or the bad omens taking place.
  • Water bodies such as water tanks, ponds, wells etc. in the north or east are considered good.
  • Big trees, pillars, electric poles, arrow like roads should always be avoided when found in front of a plot or house. However, plants and trees are considered good. Thorny and milky plants should never be planted in front of the house.
  • The plot should ideally be regular i.e. square or rectangular.
  • In a square plot the house should be constructed in the centre and in a rectangular shaped plot, it should be in the south or the southwest. The space in the north and east should be left vacant.
  • L or U shaped plots/ houses should be avoided, as they are not suitable because of missing corners. Occupants of such plots or houses tend to miss opportunities in life.
  • Dead end roads signify blocking of progress and therefore should be avoided.
  • Before construction of a building Bhumi Pujan [Worship of land] and breaking grounds is always auspicious.
  • Low ceilings, screaming/ gnashing doors or stuck up doors are considered inauspicious.
  • One should never sit or slip under a raft or a beam.
  • Projection of corners accept in north east are considered inauspicious.
  • Bathrooms should never be opposite the kitchen.
  • Toilets / bathroom in the center or northeast should be avoided.
  • The kitchen should preferably in the east or in the west side of the house. The housewife or the cook preferably face east or north while cooking.
  • Slanting roof on all sides is the best.

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