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We all agree that everyone dreams while in disturbed sleep. Even blind persons experience dreams in sleep. The science of understanding the theory of dreaming was first started by the Greeks. Plato and Artistotle are noted scientists in this field.

What do these dreams mean and whether they are capable of telling something in advance or in other words transforming the future course of our lives? Whether they are only symbolic in nature or do they possess some mystique behind that? These are some of the points still bothering the human being and are not answered as yet.

The purpose of dream analysis is therefore try to understand what the unconscious mind which is activated in sleep, sends us signals containing suggestions and explanations about our personal problems, hopes, nightmares, needs, likes and dislikes and possibly some future events. In short, can we say that the dreams have an ability of communicating or bringing to surface the prospective events as explained by the unconscious mind?

Below are given a brief of interpretation of some common dreams experienced by the unconscious mind.

  • Abortion – when a women dream of an abortion it suggests that her future actions may bring her disgrace and unhappiness in life.
  • Accident – an accident is a warning signal that if a journey is undertaken it may become threatening to life.
  • Angel – an angel in a dream is suggestive of a symbol concerning material and psychic aspects.
  • Baby – while the dream of a healthy and smiling baby is indicative of good health and pleasantness in life, a crying baby suggests illness and unhappiness.
  • Bath – taking a bath in a dream occurs when you are on the threshold of taking an important decision. Water is source of life symbolizing spiritual energy and therefore a bath with clear water is good.
  • Beggar – seeing a beggar suggests loss of money and prestige through bad management and wrong decisions.
  • Blood – loss of blood means loss of love or doing some sacrifice. Blood transmission indicates long life, meeting with loved ones and spiritual enhancement.
  • Boat – it symbolizes happiness in clear water and unhappiness in murky waters.
    Books – study of books in a dream indicate forthcoming honors and prosperity.
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